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The decision to sell your business is rarely easy. You invested your time, energy and capital to grow your business while building life-long relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. For these and other reasons, you want to make sure the next owner will be a successful steward of your company.

We understand the psychology of a founder selling their company — it's like a father marrying off his daughter — so we take great care in finding the perfect buyer. In most instances, sellers would rather leave a little money on the table and pick their best buyer versus picking a higher offer from someone who may hurt the Company or their employees.

For this reason, BAMA markets broadly and distributes information narrowly to only the best, most qualified future caretakers of your company. We listen for ability to "fit in", as well as, ability to close your transaction on price and terms.

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BAMA runs a proactive investment banking process. This means you get multiple offers for your business in a tight timeframe. We actively pursue top prospective buyers and manage them through the buying process. With BAMA, you get an advisor who will identify the best prospective buyers and disqualify "tire kickers." Through our proven system, only the top candidates receive an introduction to you and your business.

Know that Selling a Business is a Time-Consuming Process for Business Owners

BAMA oversees all aspects of the transaction so that you can continue to focus on your daily priority — running your business.

If you’d like to learn more about what your business is worth or how our process will improve your business sale outcome, please contact us today at 704-295-0102.

Sell-Side Process

  • Learn
    Initial Meeting
    Understand Seller Goals & Objectives
    Review Financials & Develop Valuation Range
    Outline Ideal Buyer Profile
  • Market
    Execute Listing Agreement
    Begin Proactive Marketing
    Create Marketing Package
    Execute Marketing Plan
  • Qualify
    Qualify Buyers
    Send Confidential Offering Memorandums
    BAMA/Buyer Calls
    Buyer/Seller Calls
    Onsite Visits
  • Offer
    Present Offers to Seller
    Negotiate Terms
    Pick a Partner
  • Due Diligence
    Run Due Diligence Process
    Draw Docs
  • Closing
    Finalize Transaction
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